Traditional Large & Small Tiered Fountains with Pool Surrounds

Minimal DIY assembly, all fountains come complete with relevant pumps, liners & pipe work!

There are two different types of fountains in our Traditional Large & Small Tiered Fountains with Pool Surrounds: above ground feature fountains and in ground easy assembly fountains. Further details on both of these types can be found at the bottom of this page. Please note: all the fountains in this range do not require a constant feed of water but simply recycle whatever you add.

Our Traditional Large & Small Tiered Fountains with Pool Surrounds

Our Fountains and Pools can be mixed and matched, please come to us with your ideas and we will help you create your fountain design

Above Ground Feature Fountains

These fountains have been designed for easy DIY assembly with no tools or building skills required. These features are based on various fountain centre pieces within a two tiered base pool. The lower section to the pool is laid down first, the liner (which is supplied as well as pump) is laid into the lower section. The copping is then placed onto the lower section to hold the liner in place – no sealants or cementing required.

The fountains are then assembled in the centre of the pool onto a foundation plate or pump housing (also supplied). The power cable exits the pool surround at the bottom of a pool block through a hole drilled to keep the cable concealed. The maximum depth of water ranges from 18 – 26 cm. All pipework and instructions included.

In Ground Easy Assembly Fountains

These fountains are ideal if you want a low key fountain to blend into its surroundings. Designed to be easy to install for the novice at DIY, assembly is quite simple. All pumps and liners are supplied as a complete kit.

Placing the pool blocks on your lawn and digging a hole on the inside approx 10 cm deep, then in the very centre dig a secondary hole, approx 30 x 30 cm to house the pump. Removing the blocks, place your liner in the hole then put the pool blocks back, acting as copping stones.

The fountain is then installed in the centre of the pool, finally fill with water and turn it on.