Premium material for some of our fountains and pools

A selection of fountains and ornaments that have been made with premium materials like Granite and Marble to give that extra quality look and feel

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We have developed a range of Premium Colours made from materials like Granite and Marble that some of our fountains and products can be made in, this gives a very unique look and quality feel to the product, similar to the characteristics that are fountain in hand carved stone.

Cast natural stone / reconstituted natural stone, same quality’s as hand carved stone but at a fraction of the cost

Our Premium material / colour option range.

Reconstituted Silver grey Granite 

We use silver grey granite in the construction of our products to give a unique finish, that look and feels of quality that you would expect from hand carved stone

we use 4 mm to dust and a course 10 mm Granite chipping for strength, this does make for a very strong and heavy product approx.20 % heavier than concrete, has the same values and properties as a slab of granite to this extent will age beautifully in your garden.