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Fountains, Pool Surrounds & Accessories

Please see below links to our different categories of outdoor fountains and pool surrounds for gardens and outdoors. A large selection of our fountains are exclusive to Geoff’s Garden Ornaments. Produced in the UK there is a vast range of products to suit all budgets.

Our quality fountains are made and built to last. We apply attention to detail for not only how the fountain looks but how it runs and sounds as well.

Our Range of Fountains, Pool Surrounds & Accessories

self contained fountains category

1. Self Contained Fountains

All supplied with pumps, hoses and instructions – all pumps come with 10m of cable. As self-contained fountains, the pump sits into the centre of the largest bowl, hidden within the fountain structure. Water from the pump is pumped up through the centre of the fountain, then to be cascaded back down over the fountain bowls back into the main bowl.

inground easy assembly fountains category

2. Traditional Large & Small Tiered Fountains with Pool Surrounds

There are two different types of fountain in this category: above ground feature fountains and in ground easy assembly fountains. Designed for minimal DIY assembly, all fountains come complete with relevant pumps, liners and pipe work.

premier fountains category

4. Premier Garden Fountains

These fountains are ideal if you want a low key fountain to blend into its surroundings. Designed to be easy to install for the novice at DIY, assembly is quite simple. All pumps and liners are supplied as a complete kit.

feature fountains circular pool surrounds category

5. Water Feature Fountains

A selection of beautiful feature fountains with great displays and sounds of water. Cast in stone and designed for year round use in the garden, these fountains will make a great addition to any environment and enhancing it. If you require a different fountain from our selection in your pool surround please contact us so we can help create your perfect fountain.

premier fountains category

6. Pool Surrounds

This category contains all of our pool surrounds allowing you to use them as just ponds for wild life, or why not add a big display pump and lights (see our cat 9 fountain upgrades and extras for options) to recreate the Bellagio fountains in Las Vegas.

smaller patio fountains category

7. Small Patio Fountains Under £200

These smaller fountains are designed to have a great effect of water, easy setup and maintenance free, very effective in smaller spaces but still achieves a big impact in your outdoor space. Supplied with a new pump including 10m of cable.

sump fountains category

8. Sump & Modern Design Fountains

These fountains are designed to be easily installed. Each fountain is supplied with a quality handmade fibreglass sump. These sumps are simply buried into the ground. Then the supplied pump sits into the sump. A hose then feeds water from the pump up to the decorative fountain on top.

fountain upgrades extras category

9. Fountain Upgrades & Extras

On this page you will find options to enhance the look of your feature including large display pumps, jumping jets of water, lights and much more.

marble category

10. Hand Carved Marble Fountains

Marble is a precious stone and as a favourite medium for Greek and Roman architects, Marble is a culture symbol of refined taste and tradition, therefore what better way to show of this elegant stone than hand carving a beautiful water feature from it.