Edwardian Eye or Edwardian Ball Fountain with Small Fronteir Pool Surround Larger Pool Available


Edwardian Eye Fountain with Small Frontier Pool Surround, Edwardian Ball Fountain with Small Frontier Pool Surround, Contemporary small Fronteir pool surround complemented with a modern large Regis fountain or Regis Ball fountain

These feature fountains are well balanced for a great visual effect, supplied with a sheet liner,(not the fibreglass liner as pictured please see our premier range) but would also look great with a waterproof render or fibre glass water proof coating.

Size: 2 meter pool :200 cm external pool, 145 cm internal pool, 180 cm tall, 107 cm wide bowl

Size: 3 meter pool :300 cm external pool, 245 cm internal pool, 180 cm tall, 107 cm wide bowl

Please select from the options below your choice of either a Eye Sculpture or 40 cm ball

Please select from the optons below your choice of a 2 meter width pool (8 sides) or a 3 meter width pool (10 sides)


All prices include delivery!

  • £2426.50 in Classic Limestone
  • £2426.50 in Antique Stone
  • £2669.15 in Sandstone
  • £2669.15 in White Limestone
  • £2426.50 in Antique and Bronze combination
  • £2426.50 in Moss Green
  • £2426.50 in Antique Rust
  • £3154.45 in Silver Grey Granite

All prices include VAT.

If you would like a different fountain in the centre of your pool from our range, please contact us to for information.

Additional information

Colour Options

Antique Rust, Antique Stone, Antique Stone & Bronze Combination, Classic Limestone, Moss Green, Sandstone, Silver Grey Granite, White Limestone

Colour Options

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Installation Instructions

The installation instructions also show images from a recent installation of one of our white limestone premier range water fountains. To view our installation instructions please see the Premier Range Installation Instructions page.

Fountain Extras & Upgrades

If you are looking for a set of lights to help finish off your fountain look, upgrades on liners or products to help maintain your fountain, then this page if filled with great ideas and options. Please see our Fountain Upgrades & Extras page.

Additional Information

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Discount for Collection

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