LED strip lights – RGBW / Colour changing


Add a whole new dimension to your water feature with these fully controllable colour changing LED strip lights, comes as a complete kit with 3 M backed led tape for easy instillation, led drivers and connectors, remote control for colour changing function

Drivers are IP67 rated (splash proof) 230 v supply

LED tape is IP 68 rated (submersible)

Size : 5 meter LED tape , 1 meter tail ends

Contact us for information on sizes and circumference of pools as options for either doubling over tapes on smaller features or adding a second 5 meter tape for larger features

Our professional LED strips are designed for demanding projects that require high specifications. With a beautiful 120-degree beam angle, this RGB tape will illuminate a large space in glorious coloured light, this strip is perfect for achieving a beautiful halo of light for any application.


These wonderful LED light strips have the highest IP rating of IP68. This ensures that the strip is able to be completely submerged in water without causing damage to the lights. This is due to a double coating of strong durable silicone that encases the entire circuit board of the LED tape.

This marine RGB light strip is easy to install as it has 300LSE adhesive tape. On a dry and smooth surface, stick the strips directly. The strip can then be entirely submerged without the strip moving.


Please contact us for cost of delivery if buying separately.

  • £494.27 per 5 meter set

All prices include VAT.

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Discount for Collection

There are considerable discounts available if you are able to collect your order from our Chichester showroom. Also further possible savings for bulk buys! Please contact us for details.


If you have purchased from us then please send us a picture of your item in situ to put on our website. If we use your picture on our site we will send you one of our products as a free gift – our way of saying thank you!


Our products are frost proof and are suitable to be left in the garden year round, however we can not protect and can not cover our products against ice damage, this is caused by freezing expanding water / ice in water receptacle’s and could possibly crack due to the expansion of freezing ice, as with other products like your water pipes in the loft and your car engine to name a few, some care and attention is needed for your item in the really cold winter months, we there for recommend draining your water fountains of water to prevent and damage caused by the ice and ideally to cover over as this will prevent rain water from re filling.

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If you are looking for a set of lights to help finish off your fountain look, upgrades on liners or products to help maintain your fountain, then this page if filled with great ideas and options. Please click here to see our Fountain and Pond accessories page.

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