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Welcome to Geoffs Garden Ornaments. On this page you will find links to our 9 categories of outdoor fountains and pool surrounds for garden. On each page more information including prices, colour options and what is included in the price is provided.

All our quoted prices are based on water fountains produced in classic limestone. For an additional charge we also provide our water fountains in 3 other stone types. If you require any more information simply send us an email.

12 months INTEREST FREE FINANCE available on all orders of £1,500.00 and above. Please contact us for details.

We are more than happy to send you further images of our fountains and samples of stone colour options.


The image shown above is of our stanford pool with an ornate centre fountain in sandstone. This pool is from our category 6 premier range. This pool is ideal to use as a roundabout or to keep fish in. The base pool is 30 inches high.

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1. Free standing self-contained or pond fountains:

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All supplied with pumps, hoses and instructions - all pumps come with 10m of cable. As self-contained fountains, the pump sits into the centre of the largest bowl, hidden within the fountain structure.

Water from the pump is pumped up through the centre of the fountain, then to be cascaded back down over the fountain bowls back into the main bowl.


2. Feature fountains - easy assembly:

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These fountains have been designed for easy DIY assembly with no tools or building skills required. These features are based on various fountain centre pieces within a two tiered base pool.

The pools require no foundations and can simply be laid straight onto any firm flat environment including grass/lawn. The fountains are assembled in the centre of the pool, onto a supplied foundation plate.


3. In ground easy assembly fountains:

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These fountains are ideal if you want a more low key fountain to blend into its surroundings. Designed to be easy to install for the novice at DIY, assembly is quite simple.

Pumps are also provided with 10m of cable. As with all our fountains there is a choice of 4 different colours: 3 natural colours plus antique stone.


4. Feature fountains & circular pool surrounds:

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Based on 6, 8 and 11 foot base pools - pool measurements are across the pool and not round the pool. These fountains and base pools will require installation by a more competent DIY person or builder.

These pools can also be fibreglassed or waterprrof rendered. The fountains come supplied with a polyex pool liner with a 25 year guarantee, a pump and sealant.


5. Pool surrounds:

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An exciting new pool surround of our own design and unique to us.

This beautiful surround has been designed by us to allow our customers to create a pond or pool surround to suit their individual needs. This system allows you to create a pool of a size and shape to suit you this design. It also allows you to incorporate semi-circles into your design!


6. Premier Garden Fountains

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The fountains in this catorgory include a unique fibreglass pool base that does away with the need for foundations; allowing these beautiful fountains to be fully installed and running within a few hours without the need for expensive builders or building materials.


7. Smaller Patio Fountains Under £200

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Great new selection of patio fountains, designed to be easy setup and maintenance free. Suitable for all outdoor spaces including patios, terraces, balconys ect. Fantastic display of water with a great sound too, all under £200.

modern sump fountains

8. Modern Sump Fountains

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The fountains in this category are both modern and stylish. Each fountain is supplied with a fibreglass sump for easy installation. Simple fountains that create a big impact with a good noise of water.

fountain upgrades

9. Fountain Upgrades & Extras

This section if filled with great options to enhance, maintain or to upgrade your fountain

If you are looking for a set of lights to help finish off your fountain look, upgrades on liners or products to help maintain your fountain, then this page if filled with great ideas and options.

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