White House Unveils Edible Garden Ornaments for Xmas

Although some garden ornaments do look good enough to eat, you’d be advised to refrain from actually taking a bite out of them – well that’s not the case at the White House.

The US President’s residence unveiled its Christmas decorations for this year today, with the theme being “Joy to All”, and First Lady Michelle Obama revealed that at their heart lies a 300lb gingerbread replica of the White House itself in the State Dining Room.

The model is incredibly detailed, including a marzipan rendering of the building’s kitchen garden – complete with garden statues. Another set of garden ornaments portray the much-loved “First Dog” Bo, a Portuguese water dog.

All in all, there are 40 “Bo-Flake” ornaments throughout the White House, with cut-out images of the pooch, as well as a full life-size replica – holding fairy lights in his mouth – in its East Garden Room, as well as a massive statue of Bo next to the gingerbread White House.

Ms Obama was asked about the decorations when unveiling them before an invited audience of military families, saying that the many Bo statues reflected his high standing.

“He’s almost as big as the house. He is such a huge personality,” she declared.

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