Water Fountains For Your Pets

Many people in Britain own a pet, with 25% of households having a dog and 19% housing a cat (2013 PFMA data). And owning animals can be a big factor to consider when you are making choices about your garden. If you have a house cat or rabbit, you may want to incorporate a garden run so that they can have protection when outside. If you have larger dogs, outside space may be utilised in housing them and, as such, the garden may feature both lawn and patio areas.

If you have cats or dogs, incorporating a source of water in your garden will be very popular.  A water fountain is a great way to do this – not only does it retain the aesthetic nature of your garden, it also offers a fresh water source. As a dog owner you will probably have noticed that they love drinking from streams and often shun stagnant puddles while you are taking a walk. The same is true in the garden; a water fountain will offer your pooch the opportunity to drink from a moving water source which must be a preferable option for them over a bowl of lukewarm water!

Cats can also benefit from the addition of a garden fountain. While cats traditionally hate getting wet, many enjoy playing with water in controlled environments, by dipping their paws into catch imaginary prey. Or in winter as fountains can often attract small birds, making them a great source of entertainment as your cat watches from the inside window ledge.

Here at Geoff’s Garden Ornaments, we have a fantastic array of water fountains that are suitable for gardens of any size. If you are interested in sourcing a fountain with your pet in mind, then you will need to think about the size of both your pet and the size of your garden. Ideally, a shallow base would be a plus in order to minimise the risk of spillages and the animal fully entering the unit. If you are looking to entice birds to you garden for your (or your cats’) viewing pleasure, then opting for a water fountain with a raised bowl is a must, offering greater visibility and therefore security from predators (including your beloved kitty).


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