Unusual ‘Garden Ornaments’ For Sale at Bondi Beach

Rich Australians with massive backyards will soon have a chance to buy some unique garden ornaments when this year’s Sculpture by the Sea exhibition at Bondi Beach comes to a close.

Reports this week revealed that after 500,000 visitors came to the exhibition, up to 16 of the huge sculptures have already been sold to companies and private individuals, with one going for a princely $100,000. It’s not too late to get one for yourself, however. Some 88 of the 113 sculptures were for sale, with prices starting at $400.

As the works are dismantled, some of them are going to be reassembled in private homes, farms and beach houses, while others are shipped overseas to become garden ornaments in Canada and New Zealand. One was donated to Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens, while another will remain silhouetted on the Bondi headland after being donated to the local Waverley Council.

The unfortunate few that do not find a new home are set to be washed away by the sea.

The sculptures were on display for 18 days at the end of October, and dismantling began on 6 November, with two cranes and a fleet of vehicles engaged to move the items.



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