Trafalgar Square Fountains Kept Gushing Through Hosepipe Ban

Homeowners in the south-east of England and other drought-hit areas may be cursing the weather at the moment – despite seemingly endless rain recently, there is still a hosepipe and watering ban in effect in such regions, meaning that key garden ornaments such as fountains, trickling statues and other water features are out of commission, at least for the moment.

It must be extra galling for gardeners travelling into London, therefore, to see the fountains in Trafalgar Square as gushing as ever, not to mention numerous smaller fountains and other garden ornaments in London’s various parks.

It is all part of attempts by the authorities to keep the city looking picturesque for foreign tourists – especially with the Olympics looming this summer. Various water-saving and recycling methods are being employed, such as reusing old water used for washing out old piping during maintenance; water which is usually thrown out for health and safety reasons.

Thames Water is pioneering this approach and is trying to use as much “grey water” of this kind as possible during the period of the drought.

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