Tips to select the right fountain for your garden

A home or a property gets matchless visual appeal when a suitable outdoor fountain is installed in the garden or the lawn present in front of it. The fountain installed in the garden not only adds value to the property but also enhances its beauty and aesthetics. No wonder, landscaping experts suggest to install water fountains in gardens to personalize exteriors and get a host of health benefits.


Selecting suitable water features for residential or commercial properties can be quite challenging amid various options available in the market. However by following these tips you can easily select the suitable fountain and make the most of it.

Select the fountain according to the size of your garden

When it comes to buying a fountain then you must take into account the size of your garden. The size of your fountain must be in proportion such that your garden may not look overcrowded or the fountain gets to be predominantly large spoiling your garden’s looks.

Choose design that makes a suitable style statement

You can select from among a wide range of stylish garden fountain available in classic Limestone, Sandstone, Bronze, Antique stone, White Limestone, and other materials. You must purchase the fountain that enhances the beauty of your property and suits your needs and preferences.

Mark proper place for installing it

Whether you purchase wall fountain or garden fountain you must ensure to install it on a hard ground. The heavy weight of the fountain may let it submerged into earth if it is wrongly installed at a place with loose soil.

Get the best price quote from the supplier

You must select a leading supplier that offers the best price quote for your desired garden fountain. The price of fountain depends upon the size of fountain, type of material used and other features or accessories included in it. Geoff’s Garden Ornaments Ltd. is the leading supplier of stone fountains, garden statues and stylish water features products to its clients throughout UK.

Consult an expert landscaping artist to install the most suitable garden fountain

If you are confused regarding selection of suitable design, color and material of garden fountain then it is best to contact an experienced landscaping consultant. He or she will guide you to get the best quality fountain and install it in the most convenient way at a suitable place that will help you realize your purpose. You must also ensure safety and security nearby your fountain.

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