Thieves Target Gardens in East Cambridgeshire

Police in East Cambridgeshire have warned householders to be on the look out again, after a spat of thefts targeting garden statues and other garden ornaments over the last few weeks.

Garden statues including a two-foot tall concrete elephant, plus a variety of ceramic pots are among the items snatched from gardens, detectives have revealed, adding that they believed the thieves would attempt to sell these on.

Other garden ornaments stolen included a sandstone dog, a three-feet high statue of a woman wearing a hat and pushing a wheelbarrow, a terracotta ball, cone and cylinder set, an urn on a pedestal, a three-feet high decorative Victorian chimney pot, metallic square planters and an ornamental chimney.

Detective Inspector Donna Wass told the local paper: “These are very distinctive items and some are very heavy, such as the concrete elephant which would have required more than one person to move.”

“I would urge anyone who knows who is responsible for these thefts, or has been offered these items for sale, to contact police.”


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