The Transforming Powers of Garden Water Fountains

Garden water fountains make superb focal points in any garden. They will make an impressive centre piece which draws the eye and adds the soothing sound of running water to your outdoor space. The pleasant sound of flowing water is well known for its relaxing qualities. It is almost impossible not to unwind when you sit still and listen to the musical sounds made by garden water fountains. Little wonder then that most garden designers incorporate a water feature into their designs today.

An added bonus that comes with the installation of one of the many garden water fountains currently available is the wildlife that they attract to the garden. Dragonflies, in particular, are drawn to the water, as are birds and frogs and toads during the spring. Attracting the natural world into your garden in this way will bring life, movement and colour. When the evenings draw in, the temperature falls and it is too cold to sit outside, you can still enjoy the sight and sounds of garden fountains through an open window. What can be more pleasant than sitting in a warm conservatory with a cup of tea and a book or two and listening to the melody of softly flowing water?

It is easy to find a wide range of garden water fountains today, in all shapes and sizes. The most popular are the traditional three-tiered variety with an internal pump that cascades water from the smaller top tier to the base tier below. Some are really very large, with the pump fitted below a large base pool. Such impressive stone fountains make excellent focal points but if space is at a premium there are plenty of smaller versions available. The best store water in the lower tier of the fountain, whilst the pump sits within the fountain’s stem, thus avoiding the need for a base pool. These smaller garden water fountains can usually be fitted by someone with minimal DIY expertise. However, the more complex stone fountains will need to be fitted by a builder.

People are sometimes put off from adding a water feature to their garden because they fear that the water will quickly become dirty and full of harmful bacteria. However, this is not the case with fountains because they use very little water anyway and it remains clean because it is constantly recirculating.

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