The Architectural Significance of Gargoyle & Griffins Statue

Symbols play a great role in architecture since the time imperial. The same holds for the prominent and playful recreations of the Gothic Architecture is Gargoyle & Griffins. Their statues are still famous in the modern era gardens and homes. These characters are an amalgamation of humans, mythical creatures, and animals that the artists often use to bring forth a frightening image to the viewers. Notably, the statues of gargoyle as well as griffins allow complete freedom of expression and style to modern architects.

Historic significance

The amazing artistry of Gargoyle & Griffins statue can predict different representation depending on your individual choice. Here are the few common interpretations that you may withdraw about their significance:

  • The Bronze Age considers it as a powerful medium to ward off all types of evil forces.
  • These statues also intend to guard the Catholic Church from the devils.
  • Another popular belief relates to the spread of education among Pagan population by simply frightening them.
  • Sometimes, it also represents the condemned human souls for their individual sins.

Modern significance

According to modern architecture designs, the statues of Gargoyle and Griffins hold different significance for you that may include:

  • A popular ornament or decoration accessory for your gardens and lawns.
  • Not all the images are frightening, some are comic as well, that provide additional positive energy to your entire home.
  • It may also serve as a spout for water to reach to the base of any building.
  • It also offers significant representation of gatekeepers.
  • Another myth exists about these griffins is that it protects the gold. Thus, it becomes a lasting symbol of status and prosperity.
  • Keeping them on your entrance also symbolizes supreme strength and vigilance.

These images continue to create a remarkable presence for you in both commercial as well as residential architecture due to their huge significance.

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