Stone Fountains: Your Garden’s Crowning Glory

We are rapidly approaching the shortest day of the year, when there is very little in the way of sunlight to enjoy in the garden. It is cold, often wet and all that luxuriant growth of the summer months has died back to reveal bare flower beds and stark leafless trees.

Stone fountains are fabulous in the summer, but it is in the winter when they really come into their own, providing movement and sound and attracting wild life in what would otherwise be a dull environment. For birds, garden water fountains can be a life saver, providing water when there may be little around. What’s more, you will enjoy the gentle sound the running water makes and enjoy taking the time to watch it cascade over your fountain during any quiet moments you may have during the day.

With only a little online research you will find that there is a very wide range of stone fountains available. If you have are lucky enough to have a large garden, you may like to consider one of the many feature garden water fountains with large pool surrounds. These stunning pieces will be the crowning glory in a winter garden. The pool will attract all kinds of wild life, and if you keep it ice-free during the winter it will provide a valuable life line for song birds. Add a few bird feeders to the area near your garden feature and you can be sure of always having plenty to watch throughout the winter season as well as during the summer.

If you would love a water feature but do not have the space for one of the impressively ornate larger designs, there are many smaller water fountains available which will bring life and movement to even the smallest of gardens. These free-standing and self-contained stone fountains are easily assembled and will come with full installation instructions. Some even have solar-powered pumps, which will save you money and help the environment.

If you are considering adding a fountain to your garden, you have come to the right place. You will find all you need to know on our website about the different types of stone fountains we stock, how they are fitted, the different finishes in which they are available and how much they cost.

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