Stone Fountains Make Wonderful Garden Features

Stone fountains make a magnificent centrepiece in any garden. Not only do they act as a focal point, but they also attract wildlife and bring the pleasant, relaxing sound of running water to your outside space. No wonder most landscaped gardens include some kind of fountain or water feature today.

If you have decided to incorporate one of the many stone fountains that are available into your garden there will be a number of considerations to take into account. They come in a range of different colours and types of stone. It is always best to go for a genuine stone garden feature rather than one made of resin. Stone fountains made from limestone or Portland stone may be more expensive but they will wear much better over the years. They usually come in a range of finishes, from natural to antique and even bronze.

It is important to get the size right when choosing garden features. They really do need to be big enough to be noticed if you are planning on putting them somewhere central in your garden and yet not dominate. Stone fountains of the wrong proportion will spoil the look you are seeking to create, so choose carefully and take measurements. Remember that when ordering from the internet it is easy to misunderstand the dimensions of a product and, when looking at a picture, assume that something is much bigger or smaller than it really is.

Look for something that reflects the nature of your garden too. Classical designs such as the traditional three-tiered fountain or figurine statues look very good in traditional gardens with flower borders, grass lawns and gravel paths. A more modern sphere or other geometric circular design will complement a more modern garden that has features such as decking, paving and gravel. You could even consider a Zen-style garden with beautifully raked gravel, bamboo planting and a Buddha fountain to one side. If you are lucky enough to have a large outdoor space, the addition of stone fountains is a marvellous way to add interest to a previously neglected corner. How wonderful to turn a corner and come across a fabulous fountain and the hypnotic, restful sound of running water!

With just a little imagination and planning, you will be able to turn your garden into a haven of calm and tranquillity with the simple addition of garden fountains. You can contact our friendly and helpful team for more information.

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