Stone fountains for any garden

If you think it’s time to make a change to your garden, maybe give it a spruce up, a touch of elegance, or give it that wow factor that it’s missing, then look no further than Geoff’s Garden Ornaments. We have a range of beautiful looking stone fountains that can bring your tired looking garden back to life. Enter our world and be inspired by our fantastic range of stone fountains that will look perfect in any garden. Whatever look, design, taste or style you are going for, whether it’s elegant and low key, or grand and outstated, you are sure to find a stone fountain that will look perfect in your garden. Read on to discover some of our range.

How about choosing one of our free standing, self contained or pond garden fountains. This elegant and sophisticated feature will fit perfectly in a small, well cared for, neat and maintained garden space. As gorgeous and pretty as you can make a small garden space, it can often seem there isn’t a great deal that can be done with it to give it the wow factor. One of these stunning premier garden fountains can really pull together your outdoor space and transform a small garden into a grand design. The water feature will add a splash of excitement to your garden, the elegant design will add a touch of class and the unique style will make your garden stand out. These garden water founatins will drawn everyones attention to your garden which will no longer just be a small outside space. With one of our stone fountains your garden can be what you make it.

If you would prefer something  a little larger if you have a bigger garden space, then one of our feature stone fountains would be great. These garden water fountains are based on various fountain centre pieces within a two tiered base pool, making them really look the part. Sometimes, when we have a large garden space, it’s hard to know what to do with it all. Don’t waste your outdoor space, it is a blank canvas of potential. These garden water fountains are so beautiful it will become the whole centre piece of your garden and will create a garden to be proud of. There will be nothing plain, uninspiring and empty about your garden with ones of these beautiful fountains. Not only do they look the part, but they also create a fantastic atmosphere and feel to your garden that really gives it the edge. Sit and watch the fountain for hours and be transported to a whole new world of tranquillity.

If you would prefer something a little more subtle but with all the wow factor and appeal, then choose from one of our in ground stone fountains. This piece will blend in with your surroundings., ideal if you don’t want to distract from the hard work and time you have spent on your outdoor space. Instead, this piece will compliment all the effort that has been put into your garden.

To see more of our range of stone fountains, explore our website today.

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