Stone Fountains and Their Maintenance

Even the smallest lawn will benefit from the addition of a neat, three-tiered stone fountain. They make a fantastically soothing sound as the water cascades from the top to the lower tier, where it collects in a pool which sparkles in the sunlight.

Of course, if you feel that a three-tiered water fountain is too traditional for your tastes, there are many which strike a more contemporary note. Don’t be afraid to personalize your stone fountains. For example, if you choose one with a simple bowl and sculpture, you could add decorative pebbles and a few small water plants.

Once you have selected your water fountains, how should you care for them?

Fortunately, they are simple to look after, requiring little maintenance over the course of a year. Always choose one that is made from limestone rather than the cheaper resin, as it will be frost-proof and will actually improve with age as the stone mellows and gains an attractive patina.

The most important thing to do is to keep your stone fountains free from leaves, twigs and other types of debris which can block pumps and will encourage the growth of algae in the water. For this reason it is a good idea to site your garden fountains away from trees if at all possible.

Secondly, always make sure they have enough water in them. This may sound obvious, but they should never be allowed to run dry and the pump should always be covered with water, which acts as a lubricant and ensures the pump runs smoothly. Although garden fountains do circulate water continually and so do not need a constant supply, the water will evaporate slowly, so all stone fountains will need to be topped up regularly.

The speed at which the water evaporates will vary according to the temperature. For example, you will need to top up your fountain more regularly during hot and dry weather. With the weather as it is, it is highly unlikely you will need to top up your fountain very often anywhere in the UK. A simple way to remember to add water to your fountain is to get in the habit of ‘watering’ it when you water your plants.

If you are interested in buying one of our stone fountains for your garden, look around our site for some great examples.

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