Stone Fountains – A Centrepiece for Your Garden

Water fountains are an excellent choice if you are seeking a striking centrepiece for your garden. They come in all shapes and sizes, from traditional three-tiered fountains and classical figurine statues to ultra-modern geometric designs and spheres. The more traditional designs can look splendid in a classically designed garden with gravel paths, grass lawns and wide herbaceous borders. The more modern designs work well in outdoor spaces which might have decking and paving and more sculptural plants. It is even possible to find Buddha garden water fountains which can look very striking in Zen gardens, complete with perfectly raked gravel and bamboo.

If you are fortunate enough to have a large garden, you might consider dividing it into distinct zones or ‘rooms’ and giving each a different theme You could perhaps have vegetables in one, white plants in another or perhaps roses with a water fountain as a central garden feature and a separate play area for children and grandchildren. In this way you can add interest to your garden and avoid the cliché of a wide expanse of lawn with straight, thin borders around its edges.

Not only will your fountain be a focal point, but it will also draw wildlife into your garden. Expect to see dragonflies during the summer and garden birds all year round. A water fountain also succeeds in bringing the beautiful and relaxing sound of running water into your outside space. No wonder most garden designers choose to include stone fountains into their landscaping.

Stone fountains can be found in different colours and types of stone. The best are made from genuine stone rather than the cheaper and less hard-wearing resin. Those made from beautiful limestone and Portland stone are not inexpensive, but they will make a striking centrepiece which will age beautifully, taking on a mellow patina as the years pass. Stone fountains can usually be found in various finishes, such as natural, antique or even bronze. Sizes vary considerably too, from small fountains that you can easily install yourself to large imposing affairs which will need a builder to ensure that they are fitted successfully. It is important to choose the right size. Your fountain should complement your outdoor space rather than dominate it.

Stone fountains are a wonderful way to bring interest to your garden, adding a sense of calm and serenity with the wonderfully restful sound of running water.

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