Prized Garden Ornaments Stolen From Couple’s Home

A Welsh couple sent out a heartfelt plea for help this week after their prized Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs garden ornaments were stolen from the garden of their home.

Hugh and Joan Barrington live in the town of Tresaith near Cardigan and have amassed a large collection of garden statues and other garden ornaments over the past 30 years. This appears to have made them a target for thieves, who managed to avoid the attentions of several motion sensor-operated CCTV cameras to make off with the pieces – leading police to believe the gnome heist was carefully planned.

The Barringtons and police are urging the public to keep an eye on such places as car boot sales and eBay to see if the ornaments reappear for sale.

“We even wondered if it might be a prank, but no one would take almost 40 garden ornaments as a prank,” Joan Barrington told the local paper.

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