Place Buddha Statues At Your Garden

Buddha statues are being incorporated into homes as part of home décor by interior decorators.  Garden stores and manufacturers supply statues that can be used in the gardens or placed inside homes.  These statues are made to suit different budgets and are made of different materials.  Statues that are going to be placed outside are made of stone or metal.  Buddha statues also come in different poses and styles.  It is better for a person who wants to invest in a statue to find out what it is all about before going ahead with the purchase.


Placing The Buddha Statue Correctly

Feng shui uses Buddha statues for the movement of chi energy throughout the homes and the gardens.  They have a lot of regulations on how exactly the statue has to be placed to promote positivity in the home.  It is considered disrespectful to place it directly in the bathroom or on the grounds outside.  If placed in the bedroom it has to be kept in a cupboard so that the doors can be closed when the person is not in prayer.  If placed in rooms inside the home or in the garden, it has to be placed facing the room.  However if it is going to be used for the entrance, then it should be placed to face the entrance.

Kinds Of Buddha Statues In Your Garden Supply Store

Garden supply stores supplies statues of different colors to suit your décor.  They also have Buddha fountains for the garden.  The different poses of Buddha statues that are popular are the meditating Buddha, the laughing Buddha, the traveling Buddha, laughing Buddha with children at his feet, Blessing Buddha, Teaching Buddha, Long Life Buddha, Reclining Buddha, Happy Home Buddha, and Earth Buddha amongst others.  Your choice of Buddha statue will depend upon the weak areas of your life that you need strengthened.

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