Place bird food around your water fountains this winter

The winter period can often take its toll on our gardens. The icy, bitter and wet weather means the garden becomes the least favourite part of our home as we reside indoors by the comfort of the fire. The result is an uninspiring, uncared for outdoor space for the forseeble winter months. If this is the case, you are missing out on months of enjoyment and beauty you can derive from your winter garden! Winter is a delightful season which can really compliement the beauty of your outdoor space with its sparkling frosty touch and bronze, warm colours. It has to be said, one of the best things about our garden in the winter time is the wildlife it attracts. The winter months see a swarm of unique and colourful birds visiting our lawns in search of food. Make sure their visit isn’t a brief one by selecting one of our water fountains from Geoff’s Garden Ornaments.

We have a wide selection of fantastic water fountains that can become the heart of your garden this winter and keep the life flowing through it! By placing some bird food around these garden water fountains, you will have a variety of breeds of wonderful winter birds gathering around! Take for example, the nations favourite; the Robin. This little bird with it’s familiar red breast will warm your hearts this winter and bring a touch of festive cheer. If you feed this bird, he is sure to return all winter long and your new water fountain will be his number one place to be. This can be a very tame and friendly bird who will happily sit and eat alongside you as you sit on the edge of the garden fountains and admire the new guests! He will also happily eat out of your hand which is sure to bring the pleasure and enjoyment back to your garden this winter.

The robin is not the only visitor you will have to garden water fountains this winter. Another bird you may have the pleasure of admiring on your water fountains is the blue tit which is popular for its winter appearences. The vibrant, bright bird can bring some colour and cheer back into your dull, lifeless outdoor space. It really will be a striking sight to look out of your window this winter to the sight of these birds decorating your garden water fountains with a splash of colour. If you’re lucky the Great Tit will also make an appearance for even more eye grabbing and boastful colours.

If you want to add even more atmosphere to the winter season, then attracting blackbirds to your garden fountains with bird food is a great idea. This will have them emitting their delightful fluting tunes all winter long making the winter months seem less harsh and aggressive.

By adding some bird feed to water fountains this winter you will have even more birds to admire. If you like the thought of seeing a beautiful range of birds decorating your new garden feature, then visit our website to choose from our fantastic range of premier garden fountains today.

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