Key tips to add feature fountains in your garden

The indoor water features are gaining widespread popularity across different households as well as commercial settings due to the numerous advantages that they offer. Are you trying to find complete peace out of your busy life schedule? If yes, then installing a feature fountain can turn out a great help for you. You don’t need to go for meditation or weekly massages to relax. These feature fountains can certainly help you in rejuvenating your senses every day.


Finding a suitable feature fountain

The market overflows with a range of alternatives to choose from. While you are in the process of selecting the best feature fountains for your establishment, you need to concentrate on the following important tips:

  • It’s more than style that you should look for: Only style does not matter in the case of water features and fountains. Whether you want to add a fountain in your balcony, deck, patio or backyard, there are several other things as well that you should consider. Its material also plays a crucial role in defining its quality as well as durability. Different types of material that you may find easily include copper, stone, synthetic materials, and bamboo.
  • DIY vs. pre-assembled: Both do-it-yourself as well as pre-assembled alternatives of such fountains are available in the market that aloe you to beautify your place without any hassle. It depends on your distinctive preference of selection. However, it is advisable that you should opt for DIY options only when you have greater command over electrical and plumbing techniques.
  • Care and maintenance: The next big concern that you should emphasize while purchasing a fountain is the level of care as well as maintenance that it requires. For obvious reasons, the water in the fountain will evaporate due to constant re-circulation. Thus, you need to maintain the level of water in it to ensure effective performance of the pump for longer duration.

Outstanding water features bring tranquility in outdoor retreat

Having an amazing, perfectly landscaped garden, either small or big is the dream of every homeowner. Gardens are the perfect place where you and your loved ones can unwind and take pleasure in the lap of nature. The scenic foliage, incredible colors of striking blossoms, the sweet chirping of birds and the pleasing morning breeze all come together to make a perfectly balanced surrounding. Regardless of it, the gardens seem incomplete and partial devoid of the presence of finely structured water features.

Whether it is fishpond, fountain, waterfall or simple rain chain, it adds and brings persona to your yard. Since the past, several cultures across the globe had harness the power of such features to incorporate into your garden. The euphonious sound of flowing water eradicates the abrasive and evident noises. It also brings the sense of calmness and tranquility to the soul and mind, transforming your garden into a relaxing and soothing outdoor heaven.

Types of water features:

The garden water feature like waterfalls and fountains come in distinct materials, designs and forms. Backyard and garden fountains are available in the form of wall fountains, pond fountains, barrel fountains and multi-tiered fountains. Pond fountains attain more space, have enticing designs, and spread water in distinct patterns. While the wall fountains generate lower water sprays and ideal for small spaces like condo, apartment, or balcony. The copper, cast iron, stone and concrete fountains are the most popular ones.

Benefits that you may avail

You can offer the sense of beauty and serene coolness to the landscape with water features. Your own creativity will enable you to add a relaxing and healthy area to best matches your needs. Have a look at the benefits that you’ll avail through it:

  • Reduce stress
  • Enhance mood
  • Relaxation
  • Increase energy
  • Reduce allergies
  • Natural humidifier
  • Fill air with negative ions
  • Increase the property value
  • Cost effective and many more

Bring Home the Prosperity and Wealth with Ganesh Statue

Lord Ganesha is extremely important Hindu god, as all tantric and spiritual worship in the Hindu religion begins with the invocation of Ganesha. This elephant-headed lord offers you the power to take right and fruitful decisions. He is the remover of all obstacles and paved the way for new beginnings. For possessing such amazing features and a divine persona, he is no more restricted to temples. Today, one can bring the Ganesh Statues to make the surrounding delightful and holy.


Significance of statue of Lord Ganesha

According to Hindu mythology, every “shubh” or good work starts with the worship of Ganesha. He is the god of wisdom and intellect. The aura that it spreads to your home is somewhat you can never truly comprehend until you put it in your house.  It is normal to embellish Hindu homes with the idols of Hindu Gods and Goddess. Literally, it is hard to find homes that don’t have one. Usually, people place such idols above their front doors to fill their home with positive energy and good luck.

Ganesha statue: An ideal home decor

The statue of Lord Ganesha is the best example of home decors and you can place it in all important parts of the house. The chapel, living rooms, bedrooms and even kitchen shelves are the perfect places to make piety around you. You can explore such statue made with distinct materials like metal, crystal, wood, clay and also gold and silver. Musical Ganesha idols are the other trendy home decors and they can make a sacred surrounding through chanting several hymns.

Ganesha Decors as gifts

Diwali and Ganesh Chaturthi are significant occasions when people exchange Ganesh idols as gifts. But, one can use them, as gifts for other events too. The embroided and stone studded idols are high in demand for gifting purposes. Thus, you can consider presenting your kith and kin with beautiful idols based on the theme of Lord Ganesha.

Relaxing In Your Home with Water Fountains

The stress and the hustle and bustle of today’s life has often led to people wanting a quiet space of their own to relax and unwind after a hard day’s work.  Gardens are an ideal place to relax amidst nature in the fresh air.  Gardening and growing plants is also an ideal way to relax at the end of a tiring day.  Since it is not always possible to go out on holidays to waterfalls, landscapers have attempted to bring the waterfall into the gardens.  The addition of a water fountain tends to change a very ordinary garden into something extraordinary.  This becomes the focal point around which the garden is landscaped.


Choosing A Water Fountain For Your Garden

Landscapers generally make two fountains with the bigger one being the focal point.  The type of water fountain depends upon the type and size of the garden.  Tiered fountains are those that are commonly found in the Mediterranean with carvings of animals or Greek gods.  The color and look of the fountain should blend in with the environment.  The disappearing fountain is very popular due to the fact that there is no water body visible and is thus very safe for children.  Maintenance is also easier for this type of fountain.  Disappearing fountains, wall fountains, and Japanese fountains are ideal for small gardens.

Benefits Of Having A Water Fountain At Home

The advantage of having a water fountains is that it promotes good health and peace of mind by calming the nerves and relieving stress.  The sound of running water can act as a sound barrier to harsher sounds from the outside.  This is an ideal way to attract butterflies, birds, and bees into your garden.  The dragonflies will help keep the mosquitoes at bay.  It also helps to an extent to clean the atmosphere around you.

Benefits Of Having Wall Fountains In Your Home

The sound of falling water is always soothing to the mind.  Studies have proven the positive effects of waterfalls to one’s health and well being.  The freshness of air and their cleansing effect on the lungs leads to improved functions of the respiratory and pulmonary systems.  It is for these reasons that wall fountains are increasingly becoming popular inside homes as well as out in the gardens.  Designers have come up with wall fountains that are easy to install inside homes and offices.  It is often the focal point of the room around which the rest of the décor revolves.

Wall fountain

Types Of Wall Fountains

Designers are able to artfully create these wall fountains inside homes without compromising indoor spaces.  The addition of soothing sounds of falling water just adds to the serenity and peacefulness of the room.  These are available in vertical designs as well as horizontal designs.  They are made of slate, marble, stainless steel, granites, and mirrors.  Fiberglass or waterproof resin is used to create fountains that resemble the copper and stone fountains of past centuries.

Outdoor Wall Fountains Enhancing Your Garden

Outdoor wall fountains are available in a variety of designs including those inspired by Asian culture, Spanish villas, or the British countryside.  The advantage of having wall fountains is that it adds to the tranquil atmosphere of your garden.  It is possible to relax in front of the fountain listening to the sound of water falling after a hard day at work.  Outdoor wall fountains do not take up as much space as a regular water fountain and hence can be installed in even small gardens.  Since they are lightweight, they can be reinstalled easily if the garden is being rearranged.  The presence of the wall fountain adds to the beauty of an exterior wall or even the fence in your garden.  It can be mounted or free standing depending upon the space available.

Gardens In Stone Planters For Urban Households

Urban households generally do not have sufficient space for a garden.  They have to make do with keeping pots and planters on terraces or the balconies of their homes.  It helps that any kind of plant, be it a perennial, a house plant, an annual, or a tree, can be grown in stone planters.  While it is difficult to move plants that have been planted on the ground, plants in planters can be moved around for better sun position or for protection from excess rain.

Types Of Garden Planters

Planters come in different shapes and sizes.  They can be placed indoors or outdoors, they can be hung, or placed on a high surface.  Mounted planters made of wood are ideal for the living room space and can give the impression of entering a woody area.  Planters made of clay are the most common and the most affordable, however, they tend to break if handled carelessly.  Plastic pots can be spray painted in the colors of your choice.  Stone garden planters are solid and last forever, however, they are difficult to move around.  Wooden planters have to be treated with preservative or they could deteriorate over time.

Advantages Of Using Stone Planters For Your Plants

The advantage of using stone planters is that the planters can be moved around at times when the plants are in bloom and kept in the background at other times.  The soil can be adjusted to suit different types of plants.  Plants in planters have to be watered and given fertilizers regularly for them to thrive.  Watering may be needed more often if the soil is found to be too dry.  There should be holes or gravel below the soil for sufficient drainage.  The size of the stone garden planters will also vary depending on what type of plants you plan to plant in them, whether they are shallow rooted or deep rooted.

Place Buddha Statues At Your Garden

Buddha statues are being incorporated into homes as part of home décor by interior decorators.  Garden stores and manufacturers supply statues that can be used in the gardens or placed inside homes.  These statues are made to suit different budgets and are made of different materials.  Statues that are going to be placed outside are made of stone or metal.  Buddha statues also come in different poses and styles.  It is better for a person who wants to invest in a statue to find out what it is all about before going ahead with the purchase.


Placing The Buddha Statue Correctly

Feng shui uses Buddha statues for the movement of chi energy throughout the homes and the gardens.  They have a lot of regulations on how exactly the statue has to be placed to promote positivity in the home.  It is considered disrespectful to place it directly in the bathroom or on the grounds outside.  If placed in the bedroom it has to be kept in a cupboard so that the doors can be closed when the person is not in prayer.  If placed in rooms inside the home or in the garden, it has to be placed facing the room.  However if it is going to be used for the entrance, then it should be placed to face the entrance.

Kinds Of Buddha Statues In Your Garden Supply Store

Garden supply stores supplies statues of different colors to suit your décor.  They also have Buddha fountains for the garden.  The different poses of Buddha statues that are popular are the meditating Buddha, the laughing Buddha, the traveling Buddha, laughing Buddha with children at his feet, Blessing Buddha, Teaching Buddha, Long Life Buddha, Reclining Buddha, Happy Home Buddha, and Earth Buddha amongst others.  Your choice of Buddha statue will depend upon the weak areas of your life that you need strengthened.

Add Spiritual Touch to Your Home With Ganesh Statues

From ancient times, people have used to decorate their house with statues. Statues were either the part of some religious belief or the work of excellent craftsmanship. From old days, people used the Ganesh statues in their homes and temples for worshipping. The statue has also found a place in decoration of the house interior.

Historical significance

According to the Hindu mythology, the Ganesh God represents the power, which removes all the obstacles in the path of the human. He ensures the success of the human beings who worship him. People also carried the statue with them on their journey in order to remain safe.


The elephant faced Ganesh is the son of the Lord Vishnu. People of Hindu belief celebrate Ganesh chaturthi in his honor.

Good to gift

You can present the Ganesh statue to your beloved ones as it comes in various sizes and shapes. The statues also come in various materials like gold, steel, silver, wood, and stone. The design of these statues also differs from one another. As the people believe the statue to ease the travel, this gift will show your care for your guest.

Good to decorate

As the statue comes in various sizes, you can choose the best size to implement in your house. It fits well in your house space and gives the space an eye-catching look. No one can fail to notice the presence of this marvelous statue in your house. It fulfills both the need of worshipping and decoration. You can select the big models of the statue to decorate your garden too. Gardens look stunning with the assimilation of stone statues. Ganesh statue along with a chowki and a small decorative box can create magic in the decoration of the house interior.

The smaller statues look good near the widow and in the balcony. You can also place them in the prescribed temple place in your house. These statues look magnificent on the windowpane, which gives a look of the green vegetation. The Ganesh statue made with the white limestone looks very realistic.

Understanding the Architectural Salvage and Its Importance

Architectural salvage is a thing born from the joint demand of decorating the house and the need of recycling.

What is architectural salvage?

Architectural salvage fulfills both the criteria of recycling and interior decoration. It is the reclamation of the architectural materials to decorate the exterior and interior layouts of the house. It not only saves the ancient and old architectural materials from merging into the soil but also gives the house a vibrant and unique touch.


Benefits of architectural salvage

Architectural salvage benefits in following ways:

  • Saves the environment- It saves the innumerable pieces of wood, plastic, iron and many materials from causing soil pollution.
  • Saves the ancient art- It preserves the ancient pieces of art such as wooden flooring, old furniture, antique doors, fireplaces, ornate radiators, hand crafted hardware which speaks of the ancient art and much more.
  • Helps in green building projects- The reuse of old building materials in the construction helps in the green building projects.
  • New job opportunities- This work has a bright future and can give a number of jobs to the youth.
  • Saves new resources- It erases the need to use several new resources in the building.
  • Beautifies the house- The ancient piece of art preserved by the architectural salvage helps to increase the beauty of the interior as well as exterior of the house. You can place the ancient chandelier in your house, which no one can find a similar piece of. You can decorate your house with the antique art accessories to give your house an outstanding look and feel.

The things generally preserved by architectural salvage include andirons, summer covers, fireplace fenders, art tiles, book cases, desks, armories, cupboards, bars, cabinet knobs, glass, clocks, doors, fountains, garden planters, garden furniture, garden rain chains, garden stone statues, lamps, chandeliers, gates, chairs, windows and much more.

You can find the ancient garden statues, stone planters, and garden stone planters online. The seller does not only sell it at reasonable price but also delivers it to your home.

Make your garden speak of excellence and beauty with stone garden planters

There is one in a million chances that the addition of a number of stone planters does not increase the beauty of the garden. The planters provide a finishing touch, which increases the level of the ordinary garden. A stone garden planter fits well in the garden. You can place a pair of them at the entrance of your garden or at the entrance of your house door where the garden ends. The planters can make the magic in the garden. You can plant a variety of flowers and vegetation in them, which never fails to give the garden a stunning look.

Types of planters

The stone garden planters are available in various shapes and sizes. You can choose the small ones to decorate your balcony or the bookshelf. The big planters are suitable for entrance gates and doors. You can select the size according to the size of your door. It is wise to fit the ultra big sized planters in the middle of the garden to grow a large quantity of vegetation. It is up to your taste and need for what type of planter you want.

Care and design

There are also planters, which have fine patterns and designs over them. They compliment your house exterior and can easily blend with it. You can plant these planters adjacent to the exterior wall with similar type of flowers or vegetation, which suits the exterior. You can decide the size of the plant in your planter according to the place.  All you need to water your plants in the planter is just a watering can. There are also plinths, which stop the water-spill from the planter to your floor.

Benefits of stone planters

Although there are planters made from metals but the most preferred ones are always the stone planters. The metal planters may affect the growth of the plant with the changing conditions of heat and cold. The stone planters protect the plant from weather. As for stone planters, they are long lasting and can blend with the surrounding easily.