Living Garden Statues Festival to be Held at The Alnwick Garden

Garden statues are – by their very nature – stationary items. After all, their ability to make a garden feel still, relaxing and peaceful is one of their most treasured qualities, whether they are water features, contemplative buddhas or depictions of mythical animals.

Something completely different is in store, however, for visitors to The Alnwick Garden in Northumberland, which next month will be hosting Still, a festival of “living sculptures.”

This event will see the garden statues overrun by a series of installations, produced by Newcastle-based circus outreach company Let’s Circus, all themed around the idea of human sculptures. Four artists have been tasked with creating art installations with “a live human element at the core” – all to be incorporated into the garden’s own landscapes.

As well as installations such as The Alnwick Butterfly and the Queen Gatekeepers, visitors will be able to interact with some exhibits, such as by “planting” themselves in giant pots as “human topiary.” There will also be a massive chess set for visitors to take turns as pawns.

If successful, the event will be held every year. For more details, log on to, or call 01665 511081.


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