Jubilee Garden Ornaments Unveiled in Harpenden

A interesting array of garden statues were unveiled in parks and recreation areas around Harpenden in Hertfordshire this week, as part of the diamond jubilee celebrations of 2012.

The high-end garden ornaments were commissioned by the local council, with Harpenden residents coming up with the designs, via a public competition that took place over the summer. The winning designs were all brought to life by Richard Sweetland of Bespoke Metalwork.

One statue, later unveiled in the High Street Sensory Garden, was designed by one Roy Bentley, while two more identical ornaments were the brainchild of a Grove Junior School pupil, identified only as Phoebe. They were also unveiled on Tuesday at Southdown Rose Garden and Batford Green, by Harpenden Mayor, Councillor Nicola Linacre.

The occasion was certainly a happier one for garden ornaments than the sad news from Bignor Gardens in the South Downs last week, where a valued sheep statue was crushed by a falling oak tree.

The garden statue was one of two made for the park by Bosham sculptress Willow Legge and is one of only 10 in existence. The park’s management are hoping to replace the broken ornament, but intend to keep the crushed sheep/oak tableau as an additional visitor attraction.

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