Incorporating Water Fountains into Your City Garden

Whatever the dimensions of your outside space, and however small a courtyard or front garden is, if you take a little time to plan carefully you can turn your small space into a haven of peace, a place to escape the noise and bustle of city traffic.

Many people would love to have a water feature in their gardens but worry that they do not have the space. However, there are stone fountains in all sizes and you can find a wide range of water fountains which are suited to the smaller garden.

For a small space, a free-standing water garden feature is often the most suitable if you do not have enough room for a pond. Free-standing fountains can be fitted very easily and are supplied with pumps, ten metres of cable, hoses and fitting instructions. The pump is sited in the centre of the fountain, hidden within its central stem. Water is pumped up through the fountain before cascading down to the lower bowl, where it gathers before being pumped back up again. Running costs are low as a result because these water fountains actually use very little water — they constantly recirculate the little they do use. You can easily have a solar-powered pump fitted too if you would prefer, thus saving on electricity costs.

You can find water fountains in a variety of styles, from the ornate to the more traditional and also modern contemporary designs. It’s a good idea to choose stone fountains rather than those made with cheaper resin as these deteriorate rapidly. The best water fountains are made from quality stone, such as Portland, limestone and sandstone.

When space is at a premium another option that you might like to consider is a wall fountain which nestles up against the wall of your house on a patio, terrace or decking area.

Whatever style you choose, you can be sure that adding a water feature to your city garden will add bring the soothing sounds of running water, which is something you will wonder how you ever did without before.

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