Growing Moss on Garden Statues

Clay and cement garden statues are an excellent way to give a garden character and to create a relaxing atmosphere. For even more charm and character, a moss-grown garden statue can create a wonderfully antique or historical feel.

Of course, when buying the highest quality garden statues, it is very unlikely that they are going to come with moss “pre-grown” on them. However, it is actually a very simple – and relatively quick – process to persuade mosses to grow on cement and clay garden statues and garden planters, with noticeable effects in just a couple of months.

Firstly, you will need some samples of the moss you wish to cultivate, some buttermilk and a simple kitchen blender. Just mix the moss in the blender with the buttermilk until it is of a smooth consistency, not unlike thick paint. When this is done, wet the garden statues you wish to grow moss on and, using a normal DIY paintbrush, paint this mixture all over the areas of the statues in question. When you are finished, cover the statues in plastic and leave it in a part of the garden which is fully in shade all the time, adding more moisture from time to time.

In just 3-4 weeks’ time, moss will begin to grow more thickly over the statues, and in a few months, they will look like they have stood in your garden for generations!


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