Get the best out of garden fountains with a little TLC

The garden fountain is the centre piece of your garden so should always be kept looking at its best. It’s what everybody’s attention will be drawn to when they first set eyes on your garden so make sure it’s as beautiful as the day you bought it. This will require a bit of TLC every now and again which will be well worth it when you have a stunning fountain to show off! An outdoor fountain is subjected to all kinds of dirt, weather and wear and tear but still stands proudly all year long. Garden fountains will be kept looking the focal point of your garden with some quick and easy steps.

Water fountains really please the senses with that magical sight and sound of trickling water transporting you to tranquillity. This pleasure, however, can soon be distorted if you fail to clean out the pump sufficiently. Leaves, branches, grime, general debris all congregate in the pump and will eventually clog up, meaning the flow of water will soon be no more. What you should do is ensure you pull out the whole pump and give it a thorough clean. Wipe down with a cloth and open up and give it a brush with a toothbrush so all hard to reach places are cleaned. With this simple measure, water fountains can flow freely and proudly all year long.

When the day is drawing to a close, switch off your garden fountain and have a little inspection. Removing a build-up of leaves in the fountain can go a long way to preventing clogging further down the line. The pump is the most fundamental part of the fountain so make sure you treat it as well as possible and the results will be visible.

Keeping the water in your fountain clean is also a key aspect to maintaining the beauty of the centrepiece of your garden. By leaving stagnant water in your fountain, algae and all kinds of grime will build up which will instantly distract from the attractive look of stone fountains. Ideally, water should be emptied and replaced on a daily basis for a fresh, pristine look. However, we realise this is not always realistic so there are also products on the market that can be added to the water to keep it fresher longer and keep algae at bay for longer.

If you are thinking of investing in one of our garden fountains, have a look around our site and be sure to create a maintenance routine in order to get the most out of your fountain.

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