Garden Water Fountains of All Shapes and Sizes

Are you looking for a stunning garden feature which will pull your garden together? Have you considered installing a large fountain made of limestone? If you have a large expanse of grass that you worry looks a little boring and dull, then it could be that a fountain is exactly what you are looking for to add interest, movement, light and life.

Many people admire garden water fountains but do not realise that they are very easy to install. If you do your research thoroughly you will find that there are three basic types available.

Free-Standing Self-Contained Garden Water Fountains

These free-standing fountains are easy to assemble and do not require a pool to stand in. They are usually supplied with pumps, hoses and cable. The pump generally sits within the stem of the fountain and pumps water up to the top of the fountain. The water then cascades down to the bowl at the fountain’s base. These are ideal if you have a small garden without space for a pool or if you want to provide interest in a quiet and often over-looked corner of your garden.

Free-Standing Fountains with Pools

These lovely fountains are more ornate than the self-contained variety but they are often just as easy to assemble yourself, with no need for special tools or skills. They sit within a pool on top of your lawn or patio. The smaller ones do not need foundations. The pools are generally made from stone and are ideal if you want a striking garden water feature which will draw the eye and attract attention. With many of them you can even sit on the low walls of the pond if you wish to watch the water as it falls over your fountain.

In-Ground Pool Fountains

With these garden water fountains the pool is sunk into your lawn. Assembly is often quite straight forward but will involve digging a hole large enough for the pool you have chosen. These are ideal if you want a fountain that is a little more understated because the pool will be flush with your lawn.

If you wish to design the shape of the pond for your fountain then this is possible too. That way you can make sure your fountain is the perfect shape for your garden.

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