Garden Water Fountains Are a Must-Have Garden Feature

Anyone who has sat beside a water feature will know just how relaxing the sound of running water can be. The soothing sound of flowing water will relieve the pressures of a stressful day. For many of us the idyll is to sit beside a stream, far away from the hectic noise of urban life. That might seem an impossible dream but it is possible to bring moving water into even the smallest of outdoor spaces. Garden water fountains are easy to install and will bring movement and life to your garden. The sound of the water will also counteract the unwelcome noise of traffic.

Flowing water may have other benefits. Moving water can create negative ions which may clean the air around them, neutralising impurities caused by pollution. Cleaner air is healthier for you physically, of course, but did you know that negative ions can also improve your mood by increasing serotonin levels in the brain? Serotonin is often referred to as the feel-good hormone and having low levels of it can lead to depression and anxiety. An increase in serotonin leads to increased energy and may even help to relieve migraines. When considering where to place garden water fountains, you may want to look at putting one near a space where you can sit comfortably in order to maximise its benefits or even to practise yoga.

Garden water fountains bring other advantages. They will attract wildlife and provide a focal point. Birds and dragonflies will be drawn to them, bringing colour and life. You will be able to enjoy watching the wildlife that comes to your garden throughout the year and know that you are providing a valuable source of water for a range of creatures.

There is no need to worry about water being wasted or receiving high water bills either. Garden water features are actually very economical to run because they use very little water as it is constantly recirculated. The movement also means that the water remains free of bacteria, unlike that in deep pools. Deep water also brings danger for young children and should not be considered if your garden is easily accessible to toddlers and infants.

Stone fountains can be found in varying sizes and designs — some modern and some traditional. Wherever you choose to place your garden water fountains, you can be sure that they will make your outdoor space very special.

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