Garden Fountains are a great choice for nursing homes.

The number of older residents in residential care continues to grow with figures up by 2.2% on the previous year (data from, with c.27% of people living there for more than three years. While there are many important aspects to consider, when running a nursing home, the garden is one area that can bring residents untold joy.

Garden fountains are a wonderful touch, when designing your nursing home garden. As the water creates a multi-sensory element to the space; with the water reflecting the light, the motion of the water creating an enticing trickle sound and the option to touch the cold water and stone work. Many people take great pride in their own gardens and have spent many hours lavishing attention on their plants. This activity may be motivated by the desire to maintain their home to the highest standard or simply as a relaxation technique. As such it can be demoralising, as we grow older to no longer be able to complete the activities that we used to enjoy. By ensuring that your nursing home has a top notch garden, your residents will be able to relive the enjoyment of watching the space grow and change throughout the seasons.

If you choose to add a water fountain to your residential garden, you will obviously need to take into account the health and safety connotations. Opting for a small garden fountain with a raised pool, will allow residents to touch the water from wheel chair height and also reduce tripping hazards. However, you may have the space to install a large water fountain, with the view to creating a stunning focal point to your garden. In this instance you will probably want to opt for a basin with a large rim, in order to minimize risk.

Here at Geoff’s Garden Ornaments, we have a fantastic array of water fountains in a range of sizes that are suitable for any garden space. We also stock a selection of beautiful planters, which could offer the perfect chance to allow your residents to take charge of a part of your nursing home garden.

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