Finding Good Sites for Garden Fountains to aid garden design

Many people say that they have always dreamed of having garden fountains, but they fear that their garden is too small or otherwise unsuitable. What they have is a real desire to enjoy the soothing tranquility only the sound of falling water can bring.

Many water features, garden fountains and stone fountains are now comparatively small and do not require any foundations to be laid. Above-ground garden fountains sit on a plate and are easy for anybody to assemble without any tools or DIY expertise. The same goes for self-standing models. Any corner of the grounds, or patio area, can support a free-standing pedestal fountain, which operates with hidden cabling. The tiniest pocket handkerchief of a garden can be enhanced with the gentle trickle of cascading water by erecting a garden feature such as this in an otherwise neglected nook.

Even a wall can support an elegant and lovely fountain, if space is really at a premium and the classical-looking lions’ heads bring a noble touch of Ancient Rome to the English terrace. A larger wall fountain can transform a dingy courtyard into a haven of peace and harmony.

Ball fountains are another contemporary choice. They have remarkable mesmerising qualities as the water glides in a sheen over the orb. A wide front step would allow room for one of these striking beauties and make a strong style statement to the front of any home — even one where there is no garden at all.

For the ultimate in patio or hard-standing meditative pieces, a Buddha fountain supported on a bed of shining river pebbles is a beautiful addition to promote well-being, calm and spiritual peace.

For those who dream of larger pond-style fountains, hard landscaping solutions can often be found, relatively inexpensively, to level the ground. You can use a small digger to make space for an in-ground model. Creative gardeners also have the choice to design their own bespoke pool.

Please don’t hesitate to ask us for advice if you have concerns about the suitability of any of our garden fountains for your particular patch. The number is at the bottom of the page and we are happy to chat, or you can send us an email if you prefer.

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