Embrace Your Garden Fountain This Winter

Many of you may think that a garden fountain is a seasonal feature that loses it’s appeal during the winter time. The days of the summer garden parties with the elegant feature trickling away peacefully in the background are long gone. As we tend to spend less time in our gardens, as the weather takes a wintry turn, you may think the less need there is to have a large garden fountain trickling away all winter. Well, here at Geoff’s Garden Ornaments we want to change your minds! We think that winter is just another opportunity to derive months of pleasure out of your beautiful garden fountains.

If you have children, you can encourage the benefits of this beautiful season through your very own garden fountains. For instance, think of the wonderful wildlife that winter attracts. Invite them along to your water fountains with bird feed and nuts and admire daily visits from winter birds and squirrels all winter. You can encourage your little ones to take an active interest in wildlife and let them place the food out and take pictures of the the birds . Winter sees the appearance of the nation’s favourite bird; the Robin, which is a very friendly bird that will often happily take bird feed from your child’s hands.

Why not get the kids to decorate the fountain this christmas? They could wrap it lovingly in waterproof outdoor Christmas lights to illuminate the whole garden. By adding water proof christmas lights, your stone fountains can be kept decorative and admirable all winter long. This beautiful feature will no longer be forgotten about during the winter months. Instead, it will be lit up and will stand out all winter long as the centerpiece of your outdoor space. You could get your little ones to join in with the festive fun and add some of their own little decorations around the stone fountains. How about help them paint decorative stones with colourful father Christmas faces or snowmen faces and place them on the stone fountains surroundings for a festive look.

You could carry on the festive magic all through December with your fountain. You could even put a star on the top of the fountain and tell the children that it’s so father Christmas can find the house on Christmas eve. Encourage their excitement and let them leave mince pies and carrots for father christmas and his reindeers on the magical fountain.

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