Discover the Fountain for Your Garden Design

We have a great range of fountains here at Geoff’s Garden Ornaments. From classic designs to contemporary; from to unique to wonderful, we’ll have something for you. Garden fountains are the perfect way to bring some visual interest to your outdoor space, whether it be a grand statement, or something small and understated. Whatever look you go for, garden fountains can really enhance the look of your garden or transform it. Discover the fountain that is perfect for your outdoor space with Geoff’s Garden Ornaments.

Maybe you have a particular style in mind which you want to extend into your garden. Animal fountains may be the perfect choice if you are an animal lover (our highly detailed lion wall fountains make an amazing statement). This makes our garden fountains extra special and precious as they are a symbol of your passions and things that are important to you. Not to mention how fantastic these stone fountains look in your garden!

You may choose your garden fountain motivated solely by the flow of water. If you long for a relaxing garden which is the perfect space to get some “me time,” then you may prefer a fountain that trickles water rather than spouts it. One of our ornate models would be the perfect choice here, with their elegant water flow, our tiered garden water fountains will transport you to a world of relaxation.

If you prefer a more abstract design that brings an edgy and arty look to your outdoor space, then one of our wall fountains may fit in perfectly. This unique design fits in like a piece of art for your property and help define your outdoor space with its stylish lines. These fountains will help transform the simplest, plainest outdoor space into a place of beauty and inspiration.

Or maybe you just want a simple addition to your garden that adds a touch of style and sophistication – our ball fountains will work wonderfully in this situation. These contemporary and subtle fountains are a great way to redesign your garden without going over the top. Sometimes small touches are all you need. With one of our ball fountains, your outdoor space can be a serene paradise.

To take a look at all these options and many more, please see our full ranges on our website today.

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