Charity Garden Nears Completion in Bewdley

Children and young disabled people will soon be able to enjoy a new courtyard garden in the Wyre Forest, Worcestershire, thanks to a grant from a charity.

The garden at the Longbank Centre in Bewdley has been built by the Kidz First charity, and was made possible by the local paper The Shuttle, which obtained a grant from its parent company’s charitable Gannett Foundation last December.

The garden was originally meant to open in the spring, but the terrible UK weather this spring and summer – which included heavy snow and flooding – meant that the project suffered delay after delay. But work has continued apace and organisers believe it will be ready in just a few weeks to host gardening and other educational activities.

Garden ornaments feature widely throughout the space, as well as pathways, a hopscotch court, palm trees, garden statues and a storytelling corner, among other attractions.

Kidz First chief executive,Sharon Weston told the paper that β€œthe biggest bonus will be the sense of worth and usefulness felt by service users involved and the years of fun, creativity and places for contemplation they will have.”

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