Attract birds this winter by keeping garden water fountains ice free

There’s no denying garden water fountains look great. Stone water features can add a touch of class to an area which otherwise would have been rather plain as they provide an impressive focal point. However, at Geoffs Garden Ornaments, we bet after you installed yours you suddenly found yourself as hosts to many types of birds and other wildlife. Keeping your feature at its best will not only ensure it looks great for years to come thus prolonging its life, it also helps the feature to become a regular stop off point for wildlife. They soon learn where to go for their trusty source of food and water and will keep coming back. So how can you keep your water feature at its best throughout the year? Here’s a few tips.

In summer, the biggest concern is keeping garden water fountains full of water. We would recommend checking the water levels every day during periods of water drought and when rain is not expected for some time. It’s important not to let your water feature dry out. Birds also prefer fresh clean water so it’s great to keep the pump running at times throughout the day to air the water, and any fresh water added will only help.

You may find yourself spending the most time caring for your water feature in the winter. In the UK especially, we appear to be getting more and more snow each year and freezing conditions make it very hard for wildlife to survive through the harsh season. We know how we feel when we’re nice and warm and then drink an ice cold drink – it sends shivers through our bodies and birds are no different. Trying to drink from ice cold streams or even the snow can raise their metabolism and cool their tiny little bodies at a time when conserving heat is imperative. To help keep your water features ice-free, try keeping fountains running through the day. Alternatively, place floating balls in the water. As the balls move around the water in the breeze, it will help prevent a complete ice covering. One great tip to help bring the birds back each day would be to pour warm water into the feature at a regular time each day. Birds will soon learn what time of day this is done and will fly in for a drink and wash soon after.

Here at Geoffs Garden Ornaments we have a fantastic selection of garden water fountains for you to choose from. As you can see, stone water features are a great way to attract birds and other wildlife throughout the year. If you’re looking for that something special for your garden, visit our website today.

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