Architectural Salvage – Adding interest to your home décor

Architectural salvage refers to antique materials removed from homes and buildings that are facing destruction. With the interest in recycled products rising, companies are looking forward to collecting several fine pieces of used materials from junk stores and salvage yards to utilize them in decorative creations.

How architectural salvage accentuates interiors?

No wonder, salvaged materials like tin ceiling panels, hardware, ceramic tiles wood decorative elements, and more can boost several types of interior decoration in various ways, here are few of them:

  • The use of salvaged materials for a rustic appeal enhances the country style decorating scheme with
  • Minimalist styles with their neutral colours and clean lines benefit from the perfect blend of unique pieces of architectural salvage.  Notably, the environmental theme is the latest to influence the manufacturing of recycled items.
  • A piece of framed tin ceiling panel, old fixtures, or antique woodwork gives an eclectic look to the interiors.

Expand the horizons

You can explore several prominent companies online that have been providing original architectural salvage, antiques and elements to builders, designers, home owners and curious collectors. They offer you numerous unusual, unique and hard-to time interior décor items. Additionally, you can also get hold of evidence of precious treasures in elegant gardens, corporate environments, memorable restaurants and distinctive homes. All these could give an emphatic appearance to your interiors and recycled and processed.

Choice is yours

Several leading organizations offer an extensive inventory of items representing the arts and crafts, Spanish revival, Art Nouveau and Mid-century modern periods. You may also attain spectacular architectural elements that include kitchen and bath fixtures, columns and vintage stained glass.  Materials from antique architectural gardens and yard items like iron gates, terra cotta, fountains and outdoor furnishings are also up for grab.

Such items enhance the beauty of your home interior without making holes in your pockets. With such timeless materials, you are free to adorn each corner of your home as beautifully as you can. This may also help you add some historical interest to your home improvement or interior design. Ultimately, it depends on you to choose the desired one from the huge stock of such unusual items.

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