Stone fountains for any garden

If you think it’s time to make a change to your garden, maybe give it a spruce up, a touch of elegance, or give it that wow factor that it’s missing, then look no further than Geoff’s Garden Ornaments. We have a range of beautiful looking stone fountains that can bring your tired looking garden back to life. Enter our world and be inspired by our fantastic range of stone fountains that will look perfect in any garden. Whatever look, design, taste or style you are going for, whether it’s elegant and low key, or grand and outstated, you are sure to find a stone fountain that will look perfect in your garden. Read on to discover some of our range.

How about choosing one of our free standing, self contained or pond garden fountains. This elegant and sophisticated feature will fit perfectly in a small, well cared for, neat and maintained garden space. As gorgeous and pretty as you can make a small garden space, it can often seem there isn’t a great deal that can be done with it to give it the wow factor. One of these stunning premier garden fountains can really pull together your outdoor space and transform a small garden into a grand design. The water feature will add a splash of excitement to your garden, the elegant design will add a touch of class and the unique style will make your garden stand out. These garden water founatins will drawn everyones attention to your garden which will no longer just be a small outside space. With one of our stone fountains your garden can be what you make it.

If you would prefer something  a little larger if you have a bigger garden space, then one of our feature stone fountains would be great. These garden water fountains are based on various fountain centre pieces within a two tiered base pool, making them really look the part. Sometimes, when we have a large garden space, it’s hard to know what to do with it all. Don’t waste your outdoor space, it is a blank canvas of potential. These garden water fountains are so beautiful it will become the whole centre piece of your garden and will create a garden to be proud of. There will be nothing plain, uninspiring and empty about your garden with ones of these beautiful fountains. Not only do they look the part, but they also create a fantastic atmosphere and feel to your garden that really gives it the edge. Sit and watch the fountain for hours and be transported to a whole new world of tranquillity.

If you would prefer something a little more subtle but with all the wow factor and appeal, then choose from one of our in ground stone fountains. This piece will blend in with your surroundings., ideal if you don’t want to distract from the hard work and time you have spent on your outdoor space. Instead, this piece will compliment all the effort that has been put into your garden.

To see more of our range of stone fountains, explore our website today.

Place bird food around your water fountains this winter

The winter period can often take its toll on our gardens. The icy, bitter and wet weather means the garden becomes the least favourite part of our home as we reside indoors by the comfort of the fire. The result is an uninspiring, uncared for outdoor space for the forseeble winter months. If this is the case, you are missing out on months of enjoyment and beauty you can derive from your winter garden! Winter is a delightful season which can really compliement the beauty of your outdoor space with its sparkling frosty touch and bronze, warm colours. It has to be said, one of the best things about our garden in the winter time is the wildlife it attracts. The winter months see a swarm of unique and colourful birds visiting our lawns in search of food. Make sure their visit isn’t a brief one by selecting one of our water fountains from Geoff’s Garden Ornaments.

We have a wide selection of fantastic water fountains that can become the heart of your garden this winter and keep the life flowing through it! By placing some bird food around these garden water fountains, you will have a variety of breeds of wonderful winter birds gathering around! Take for example, the nations favourite; the Robin. This little bird with it’s familiar red breast will warm your hearts this winter and bring a touch of festive cheer. If you feed this bird, he is sure to return all winter long and your new water fountain will be his number one place to be. This can be a very tame and friendly bird who will happily sit and eat alongside you as you sit on the edge of the garden fountains and admire the new guests! He will also happily eat out of your hand which is sure to bring the pleasure and enjoyment back to your garden this winter.

The robin is not the only visitor you will have to garden water fountains this winter. Another bird you may have the pleasure of admiring on your water fountains is the blue tit which is popular for its winter appearences. The vibrant, bright bird can bring some colour and cheer back into your dull, lifeless outdoor space. It really will be a striking sight to look out of your window this winter to the sight of these birds decorating your garden water fountains with a splash of colour. If you’re lucky the Great Tit will also make an appearance for even more eye grabbing and boastful colours.

If you want to add even more atmosphere to the winter season, then attracting blackbirds to your garden fountains with bird food is a great idea. This will have them emitting their delightful fluting tunes all winter long making the winter months seem less harsh and aggressive.

By adding some bird feed to water fountains this winter you will have even more birds to admire. If you like the thought of seeing a beautiful range of birds decorating your new garden feature, then visit our website to choose from our fantastic range of premier garden fountains today.

Attract birds this winter by keeping garden water fountains ice free

There’s no denying garden water fountains look great. Stone water features can add a touch of class to an area which otherwise would have been rather plain as they provide an impressive focal point. However, at Geoffs Garden Ornaments, we bet after you installed yours you suddenly found yourself as hosts to many types of birds and other wildlife. Keeping your feature at its best will not only ensure it looks great for years to come thus prolonging its life, it also helps the feature to become a regular stop off point for wildlife. They soon learn where to go for their trusty source of food and water and will keep coming back. So how can you keep your water feature at its best throughout the year? Here’s a few tips.

In summer, the biggest concern is keeping garden water fountains full of water. We would recommend checking the water levels every day during periods of water drought and when rain is not expected for some time. It’s important not to let your water feature dry out. Birds also prefer fresh clean water so it’s great to keep the pump running at times throughout the day to air the water, and any fresh water added will only help.

You may find yourself spending the most time caring for your water feature in the winter. In the UK especially, we appear to be getting more and more snow each year and freezing conditions make it very hard for wildlife to survive through the harsh season. We know how we feel when we’re nice and warm and then drink an ice cold drink – it sends shivers through our bodies and birds are no different. Trying to drink from ice cold streams or even the snow can raise their metabolism and cool their tiny little bodies at a time when conserving heat is imperative. To help keep your water features ice-free, try keeping fountains running through the day. Alternatively, place floating balls in the water. As the balls move around the water in the breeze, it will help prevent a complete ice covering. One great tip to help bring the birds back each day would be to pour warm water into the feature at a regular time each day. Birds will soon learn what time of day this is done and will fly in for a drink and wash soon after.

Here at Geoffs Garden Ornaments we have a fantastic selection of garden water fountains for you to choose from. As you can see, stone water features are a great way to attract birds and other wildlife throughout the year. If you’re looking for that something special for your garden, visit our website today.

Why Garden Fountains Are Good for You

Listening to the sound of gently moving water is very relaxing. You do not even have to be sitting outside in your garden but could have the kitchen window or patio doors open on a summer’s day to appreciate the soothing sound. The worries of a stressful day can float away as you sit calmly winding down and listening to the music of the water and the wildlife that is attracted to it.

We know that we find running water relaxing, but it can have many other health benefits too, new research shows. Garden fountains create negative ions in the air around them which, it is believed, may neutralise impurities caused by traffic pollution. Cleaner air will be of benefit to your physical health, of course, but it is also thought to be of benefit to your mental health. Some research suggest that those negative ions will also improve your mood by raising the brain’s serotonin levels. Serotonin has long been recognised as the hormone that governs your mood. Low levels are associated with depression and anxiety. If you suffer from low moods, anxiety or depression, it may help to raise your serotonin levels. An increase in serotonin is also believed to lead to increased energy levels and may even help relieve migraine headaches.

Garden fountains make you feel better but they also make your garden look better. Stone fountains in particular will make an attractive focal point. You might want to consider placing one in a forgotten corner of your garden and so giving it a new lease of life. On the other hand, garden fountains can be a great asset if placed close enough to your house to be heard from an open window. Do not underestimate the wealth of colour and life it will bring to your garden. Birds, dragon flies and butterflies will all be attracted to it in the summer months.

Outdoor fountains are easy to install and will not increase your water bills by any significant amount. In fact, they are very economical to run because they do not use very much water at all, instead constantly recirculating a small amount. They come in many different designs and you are sure to find one that suits your taste and budget.

If you would like to install a water garden feature, please look around our site or contact one of our helpful team for advice.

Garden Water Fountains Are a Must-Have Garden Feature

Anyone who has sat beside a water feature will know just how relaxing the sound of running water can be. The soothing sound of flowing water will relieve the pressures of a stressful day. For many of us the idyll is to sit beside a stream, far away from the hectic noise of urban life. That might seem an impossible dream but it is possible to bring moving water into even the smallest of outdoor spaces. Garden water fountains are easy to install and will bring movement and life to your garden. The sound of the water will also counteract the unwelcome noise of traffic.

Flowing water may have other benefits. Moving water can create negative ions which may clean the air around them, neutralising impurities caused by pollution. Cleaner air is healthier for you physically, of course, but did you know that negative ions can also improve your mood by increasing serotonin levels in the brain? Serotonin is often referred to as the feel-good hormone and having low levels of it can lead to depression and anxiety. An increase in serotonin leads to increased energy and may even help to relieve migraines. When considering where to place garden water fountains, you may want to look at putting one near a space where you can sit comfortably in order to maximise its benefits or even to practise yoga.

Garden water fountains bring other advantages. They will attract wildlife and provide a focal point. Birds and dragonflies will be drawn to them, bringing colour and life. You will be able to enjoy watching the wildlife that comes to your garden throughout the year and know that you are providing a valuable source of water for a range of creatures.

There is no need to worry about water being wasted or receiving high water bills either. Garden water features are actually very economical to run because they use very little water as it is constantly recirculated. The movement also means that the water remains free of bacteria, unlike that in deep pools. Deep water also brings danger for young children and should not be considered if your garden is easily accessible to toddlers and infants.

Stone fountains can be found in varying sizes and designs — some modern and some traditional. Wherever you choose to place your garden water fountains, you can be sure that they will make your outdoor space very special.

For more information, please feel free to contact a member of the team.