Use garden water fountains to set your hotel apart from the rest!

Garden water fountains have long been a trick employed by landscape gardeners to make domestic gardens look more stylish and appealing. The soft sound of running water adds an element of peace and tranquillity to any outdoor space, and stone fountains are constantly in demand from people who want to enhance their garden. If you run a busy hotel or bed & breakfast then you may also be interested in having one of these wonderful outdoor additions installed. After all, what price can you put on the comfort of your guests when they stay with you? Here are just some of the benefits that garden water fountains offer:

Visually Attractive

Of course, first and foremost garden fountains are brilliant for raising the visual appeal of your grounds. Guests will adore looking out of their windows in the morning to see your beautiful garden water fountains – and it will instantly put them in a relaxed frame of mind. This is a wonderful selling point for any hotel or other guest accommodation because we all know that people buy with their eyes.


When people stay in your hotel or bed and breakfast they are looking for somewhere that they can escape from the stresses and strains of everyday life. By offering stunning grounds with garden water fountains you are providing your guests with a wonderful place to relax and unwind. This is a huge selling point to anybody that is searching for a place to stay – they are sure to choose your establishment when they see the effort that you have put into the grounds.

The Mark of Quality

When guests see that you have spend time and money installing beautiful garden water fountains in the grounds of your hotel, they will instantly know that you will have paid attention to detail in every other area of your business. This will lead them to book with confidence – and they are sure to turn into loyal regular customers and perhaps even recommend you to their friends.

Turning your hotel’s grounds into a relaxing haven is a great way to tempt new customers in. You’ll find that they love strolling through the garden and taking in all of the sights and sounds of nature. If you want to learn more, simply call the experts at Geoff’s Garden Ornaments!

Why garden fountains are the perfect addition to a country garden

Garden fountains have long been a staple of city gardens – after all they bring a little of the sights and sounds of the countryside to the busiest of suburban neighbourhoods. However, more and more owners of country houses are deciding to install water fountains in their garden too. These wonderful additions bring so much peace and tranquillity to a garden and they are also visually very pleasing too. It’s no wonder that the popularity of these garden ornaments is increasing all the time. In this article we will tell you how to choose the perfect garden fountains for your country garden – read on to find out more!

The Size

First and foremost it is really important to choose the perfect size to suit your country garden. If you choose garden fountains that are too small then they will get lost and lose their impact, but if you choose ones that are too big then they run the risk of completely dwarfing the rest of the garden. Luckily these beautiful features are available in a wide range of sizes so it is perfectly possible to choose the perfect size to suit your garden. Take measurements before you commit to buying just to make sure that you are absolutely confident that it will fit perfectly.

The Shape

Choose a shape which suits the rest of your garden – don’t rush your decision and instead take the time to have a thorough look through all of the options that are available to you. Garden fountains are available in a myriad of different styles so pick one that is visually appealing and that won’t look out of place in your garden.

The Colour

Again, water fountains are available in a variety of different colours so don’t feel like you are limited to just one. Look at lots of different colours of stone and pick one that is in keeping with the layout of the rest of your garden.


Choosing the perfect place in your country garden for your water feature to go is vital. Some people like to have their fountain in a central place where is makes the most impact visually, while others prefer to have one tucked away in a quiet corner for those moments of quiet contemplation.

Choosing the perfect water fountains for your country garden is easy when you enlist the help of the experts at Geoff’s Garden Ornaments. Give us a call for more information.

Water fountains are perfect to suit any garden – here’s how to choose!

There is nothing like the soothing trickle of running water for making any garden feel homely, welcoming and tranquil. The addition of any water feature is always a great idea for any garden, but it can be difficult to decide which style is right for you. The good news is that water fountains suit every type of garden – no matter the size or style. So go ahead and start thinking about how you could enhance your garden with a water feature – read on for some great ideas and inspiration!

Small Gardens

You may not think that there is room in a small garden for water fountains – but you’d be very wrong! Garden fountains come in all manner of shapes and sizes so you will find it really easy to find the perfect one for your garden. Choose a smaller model so that it sits beautifully in the middle of your garden – or if you’d like to position it in a corner of the garden then you can afford to choose one that is a little bigger. Get the dimensions before you buy and make sure that it fits comfortably.

Medium-Sized Gardens

If your garden is a medium size then you will be able to think a little bigger when it comes to water fountains. Consider installing a couple of stone fountains on either side for a really dramatic effect. Make sure you map out the design of your garden so that you can plan exactly where it will go and how it will look in relation to the rest of the space.

Large Gardens

If you are lucky enough to have a big garden then the sky is the limit when it comes to water fountains! Decide on which type of water feature you would prefer and then perhaps consider enlisting the help of a landscape gardener to help you design the best way to position it. Bear in mind that it is nice to be able to see the water feature even from the house so make sure it can be viewed clearly from the windows.

It doesn’t matter what type of garden you have – any space can be enhanced by the beauty of a stylish water feature. If you’d like a little help and guidance then simply call the experts at Geoff’s Garden Ornaments to find out more.

Caring for Your Stone Fountains

Garden water fountains need very little care. As long as you keep them clear of leaves and other debris, they will last a life time.

The pump, however, requires a little care and will benefit from a thorough clean at least once a year. Most owners of stone fountains choose to do this during the winter months. Garden fountains should be drained completely. Before you start, make sure the pump is switched off. A quick and simple way to make sure the pump is clear of any debris is to use a garden hose to flush water through it.

If a more thorough clean is necessary, remove the cover of the pump and take out its rotor, lifting it off the bearing pin. Clean the cover, the housing of the pump and the rotor with a brush and hot, soapy water. Rinse with clean water and replace the rotor, being very careful not to damage the bearing pin, and then finally replace the cover.

Generally, stone fountains can be left to run throughout a mild winter. Even when the weather is a little frosty, they generate enough heat via their pumps to stop the water that runs through them from freezing.

However, if the water in the bowl of any fountain freezes, this can damage the pump or even cause the fountain bowl to crack as the ice expands. So during a severe winter it is essential to switch off your stone fountains and to drain them.

This can be done by removing the cable nut in the fountain bowl. If you do not wish to cover the fountain, leave the nuts undone so that rainwater does not collect in the bowl and freeze when the temperature drops.

It is important to keep stone fountains clear of debris for the same reason. An alternative is to cover them. Some people find that using cling film is a simple way to keep the bowl of a fountain empty in freezing weather.

If you would like to find out more about stone fountains — either how to care for them or how to fit them — please browse our site or consult a member of our friendly team, who will be sure to provide you with just the information you need.

Stone Fountains and Their Maintenance

Even the smallest lawn will benefit from the addition of a neat, three-tiered stone fountain. They make a fantastically soothing sound as the water cascades from the top to the lower tier, where it collects in a pool which sparkles in the sunlight.

Of course, if you feel that a three-tiered water fountain is too traditional for your tastes, there are many which strike a more contemporary note. Don’t be afraid to personalise your stone fountains. For example, if you choose one with a simple bowl and sculpture, you could add decorative pebbles and a few small water plants.

Once you have selected your water fountains, how should you care for them?

Fortunately, they are simple to look after, requiring little maintenance over the course of a year. Always choose one that is made from limestone rather than the cheaper resin, as it will be frost-proof and will actually improve with age as the stone mellows and gains an attractive patina.

The most important thing to do is to keep your stone fountains free from leaves, twigs and other types of debris which can block pumps and will encourage the growth of algae in the water. For this reason it is a good idea to site your garden fountains away from trees if at all possible.

Secondly, always make sure they have enough water in them. This may sound obvious, but they should never be allowed to run dry and the pump should always be covered with water, which acts as a lubricant and ensures the pump runs smoothly. Although garden fountains do circulate water continually and so do not need a constant supply, the water will evaporate slowly, so all stone fountains will need to be topped up regularly.

The speed at which the water evaporates will vary according to the temperature. For example, you will need to top up your fountain more regularly during hot and dry weather. With the weather as it is, it is highly unlikely you will need to top up your fountain very often anywhere in the UK. A simple way to remember to add water to your fountain is to get in the habit of ‘watering’ it when you water your plants.

If you are interested in buying one of our stone fountains for your garden, look around our site for some great examples.

With a water fountain you can bring tranquillity to a city garden

As exciting as city living is, sometimes all you want is to take some time out and relax after a busy day at the office. This is something not so easily achieved if you live in the hustle and bustle of the city. Maybe after a stressful day, all you want is to sit in your yard, unwind with a coffee or glass of wine and read a book. Perhaps you want to make the most of your outdoor space in summertime but feel your city apartment/flat/house just doesn’t have the potential to offer a great place to enjoy the sun in summer in the way that the park or countryside does. Maybe, all you need is to try something new for your outdoor space. With water fountains, you can transform your inner city bustle into a serene paradise.

Do you find it hard to unwind and relax due to the noise of the city? The why not replace the sound of rushing traffic with the sound of a rushing waterfall? The sound of water is well known for its relaxing effect so you can transport to a place of tranquillity, far from city life. Your outdoor space can be your favourite place to have some time to yourself and unwind. Maybe you have to bring work home with you – why not shut yourself in your outdoor space and get on with work in a serene, peaceful and calm environment? This is possible with one of our garden fountains.

Maybe you just don’t get the use out of your outdoor space at your city home. You may think that it’s hard to create a pleasant and attractive outdoor environment in a place which is much less green than other areas of England. Stone fountains can be the perfect addition to your outdoor space, transforming an unused yard into an admirable and appealing outdoor space to be proud of. We have a great range of stone fountains to choose from so you can find the model that will transform your garden to the look you desire. For instance, why not try one of our tiered fountains? They really look the cut above and bring elegance and sophistication to your outdoor space.

With our range of water fountains, your garden really is whatever you make it, no matter what the size or location. Take a look around our site and feel inspired by the range today.

Garden Fountains are a great choice for nursing homes.

The number of older residents in residential care continues to grow with figures up by 2.2% on the previous year (data from, with c.27% of people living there for more than three years. While there are many important aspects to consider, when running a nursing home, the garden is one area that can bring residents untold joy.

Garden fountains are a wonderful touch, when designing your nursing home garden. As the water creates a multi-sensory element to the space; with the water reflecting the light, the motion of the water creating an enticing trickle sound and the option to touch the cold water and stone work. Many people take great pride in their own gardens and have spent many hours lavishing attention on their plants. This activity may be motivated by the desire to maintain their home to the highest standard or simply as a relaxation technique. As such it can be demoralising, as we grow older to no longer be able to complete the activities that we used to enjoy. By ensuring that your nursing home has a top notch garden, your residents will be able to relive the enjoyment of watching the space grow and change throughout the seasons.

If you choose to add a water fountain to your residential garden, you will obviously need to take into account the health and safety connotations. Opting for a small garden fountain with a raised pool, will allow residents to touch the water from wheel chair height and also reduce tripping hazards. However, you may have the space to install a large water fountain, with the view to creating a stunning focal point to your garden. In this instance you will probably want to opt for a basin with a large rim, in order to minimise risk.

Here at Geoff’s Garden Ornaments, we have a fantastic array of water fountains in a range of sizes that are suitable for any garden space. We also stock a selection of beautiful planters, which could offer the perfect chance to allow your residents to take charge of a part of your nursing home garden.

Get the best out of garden fountains with a little TLC

The garden fountain is the centrepiece of your garden so should always be kept looking at its best. It’s what everybody’s attention will be drawn to when they first set eyes on your garden so make sure it’s as beautiful as the day you bought it. This will require a bit of TLC every now and again which will be well worth it when you have a stunning fountain to show off! An outdoor fountain is subjected to all kinds of dirt, weather and wear and tear but still stands proudly all year long. Garden fountains will be kept looking the focal point of your garden with some quick and easy steps.

Water fountains really please the senses with that magical sight and sound of trickling water transporting you to tranquillity. This pleasure, however, can soon be distorted if you fail to clean out the pump sufficiently. Leaves, branches, grime, general debris all congregate in the pump and will eventually clog up, meaning the flow of water will soon be no more. What you should do is ensure you pull out the whole pump and give it a thorough clean. Wipe down with a cloth and open up and give it a brush with a toothbrush so all hard to reach places are cleaned. With this simple measure, water fountains can flow freely and proudly all year long.

When the day is drawing to a close, switch off your garden fountain and have a little inspection. Removing a build-up of leaves in the fountain can go a long way to preventing clogging further down the line. The pump is the most fundamental part of the fountain so make sure you treat it as well as possible and the results will be visible.

Keeping the water in your fountain clean is also a key aspect to maintaining the beauty of the centrepiece of your garden. By leaving stagnant water in your fountain, algae and all kinds of grime will build up which will instantly distract from the attractive look of stone fountains. Ideally, water should be emptied and replaced on a daily basis for a fresh, pristine look. However, we realise this is not always realistic so there are also products on the market that can be added to the water to keep it fresher longer and keep algae at bay for longer.

If you are thinking of investing in one of our garden fountains, have a look around our site and be sure to create a maintenance routine in order to get the most out of your fountain.

Discover the fountain for your garden design

We have a great range of fountains here at Geoff’s Garden Ornaments. From classic designs to contemporary; from to unique to wonderful, we’ll have something for you. Garden fountains are the perfect way to bring some visual interest to your outdoor space, whether it be a grand statement, or something small and understated. Whatever look you go for, garden fountains can really enhance the look of your garden or transform it. Discover the fountain that is perfect for your outdoor space with Geoff’s Garden Ornaments.

Maybe you have a particular style in mind which you want to extend into your garden. Animal fountains may be the perfect choice if you are an animal lover (our highly detailed lion wall fountains make an amazing statement). This makes our garden fountains extra special and precious as they are a symbol of your passions and things that are important to you. Not to mention how fantastic these stone fountains look in your garden!

You may choose your garden fountain motivated solely by the flow of water. If you long for a relaxing garden which is the perfect space to get some “me time,” then you may prefer a fountain that trickles water rather than spouts it. One of our ornate models would be the perfect choice here, with their elegant water flow, our tiered garden water fountains will transport you to a world of relaxation.

If you prefer a more abstract design that brings an edgy and arty look to your outdoor space, then one of our wall fountains may fit in perfectly. This unique design fits in like a piece of art for your property and help define your outdoor space with its stylish lines. These fountains will help transform the simplest, plainest outdoor space into a place of beauty and inspiration.

Or maybe you just want a simple addition to your garden that adds a touch of style and sophistication – our ball fountains will work wonderfully in this situation. These contemporary and subtle fountains are a great way to redesign your garden without going over the top. Sometimes small touches are all you need. With one of our ball fountains, your outdoor space can be a serene paradise.

To take a look at all these options and many more, please see our full ranges on our website today.

Water Fountains For Your Pets

Many people in Britain own a pet, with 25% of households having a dog and 19% housing a cat (2013 PFMA data). And owning animals can be a big factor to consider when you are making choices about your garden. If you have a house cat or rabbit, you may want to incorporate a garden run so that they can have protection when outside. If you have larger dogs, outside space may be utilised in housing them and, as such, the garden may feature both lawn and patio areas.

If you have cats or dogs, incorporating a source of water in your garden will be very popular.  A water fountain is a great way to do this – not only does it retain the aesthetic nature of your garden, it also offers a fresh water source. As a dog owner you will probably have noticed that they love drinking from streams and often shun stagnant puddles while you are taking a walk. The same is true in the garden; a water fountain will offer your pooch the opportunity to drink from a moving water source which must be a preferable option for them over a bowl of lukewarm water!

Cats can also benefit from the addition of a garden fountain. While cats traditionally hate getting wet, many enjoy playing with water in controlled environments, by dipping their paws into catch imaginary prey. Or in winter as fountains can often attract small birds, making them a great source of entertainment as your cat watches from the inside window ledge.

Here at Geoff’s Garden Ornaments, we have a fantastic array of water fountains that are suitable for gardens of any size. If you are interested in sourcing a fountain with your pet in mind, then you will need to think about the size of both your pet and the size of your garden. Ideally, a shallow base would be a plus in order to minimise the risk of spillages and the animal fully entering the unit. If you are looking to entice birds to you garden for your (or your cats’) viewing pleasure, then opting for a water fountain with a raised bowl is a must, offering greater visibility and therefore security from predators (including your beloved kitty).